How to vaporize Hash and Cannabis Oil

Most Volcano Vaporizer users tend to use it for vaporizing herbs, but did you know that the Volcano Vaporizer can also be used to vaporize Hash and Cannabis Oil?

For Hash:

Hash is compressed cannabis resin. Since it is compressed it is very important to grind it up as finely as possible. You can use a regular grinder or try a grater.

Some sorts of hash are easier to handle than others in this regard, some hash will crumble to an almost powdery form and makes it easy for you to get a bigger surface area. Others sorts might me softer and sticky and harder to break down into really small pieces.

About putting the hash into the Volcano bowl there is basically two ways: One you can cover the screen with some herb and then put the hash on top of that. Or two you put the hash directly onto the screen. For the second method its better to use the finer Volcano Vaporizer screens, as you risk the hash falling through the screen if you use the bigger ones.

After that point its business as usual. Fire up the Volcano and enjoy!

For Oil:

Oil is very potent cannabis extract. Due to its gooey appearance it can be a bit messy to handle but its again VERY potent which makes up for that inconvenience. Vaping oil is actually better than smoking it, because the oil can be very harsh on the lungs and throat when smoked.

There is two ways to vaporize hash oil. One is to put a base of herb into the Volcano Bowl and then put some of the oil on top of that. Putting hash oil on the screen directly will not work and can create a mess!

The other way is to use the Liquid Pad that comes with the Volcano Vaporizer. Take out the screen from your Solid or Easy Valve and put the Liquid Pad into the Valve instead. The oil can be applied to the Liquid Pad and then vaporize as usual.

On Temperature:

Many people wonder which temperature to use when they want to vape cannabis oil or hash in their Volcano Vaporizer. The temperature needed for vaporizing oil or hash is similar or slightly higher than the temperature needed for vaporizing dried cannabis.

It depends very much on the viscosity of the oil and also on the kind of hash you are using. So simply use the temperature you normally use for vaporizing and then slightly raise the temperature with each different bag you fill.

You may need some experimenting to find the sweet spot for yourself, but playing around with a Volcano Vaporizer and cannabis extracts is hardly tiring work in my books.

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Does anyone recommend a good temp for the hash?

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i wana to vapor oil gradually in two or three days please give me a hand

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439 degrees is best, that’s the highest temperature on the volcano. I use the liquid screen for hash

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He’s right about hash and oils being slightly above plant temp THC vaporizes at around 350 or so , so even if you aren’t thinking you’re getting THC it would be vaporizing into the bag

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