Volcano Vaporizer in big screen movie


Haha this is pretty cool the latest Seth Rogan movie “This is the End” features the Volcano Vaporizer and the VaporBrothers Vape too. Pretty good movie too so check it out and see if you can spot the vapes. Pretty neat to see Vaporizers hit the big screen, I remember the Volcano had an appearance […]

Review: Tokeez Designer Vaporizer Bags

I recently came across these Designer Vaporizer Bags from Tokeez and had to snatch up a pack to try it on my own. This is a really cool idea to produce custom made vaporizer bags and to my knowledge the guys from Tokeez are the first and only ones to sell accessory for the Volcano […]

Volcano Vapecase Kush Series Review

Volcano Vapecase KUSH Series

Today I want to talk about an awesome accessory for the Volcano, the Volcano Vapecase. I have been the proud owner of a Volcano Vaporizer for years now and over time i have introduced many of my friends to the joys of vaporizing. Some people can’t really get enough of it and constantly ask me […]

Macro shots of cannabis before and after vaporization

Today i have a special treat for you guys! I whipped out my Aven USB Digital Microscope and took some macro shots of cannabis before and after vaporization. The microsopce is totally awesome btw, it has a 200x digital zoom and you can zoom in so close that you can see the single trichomes. Now […]

How to vaporize Hash and Cannabis Oil


Most Volcano Vaporizer users tend to use it for vaporizing herbs, but did you know that the Volcano Vaporizer can also be used to vaporize Hash and Cannabis Oil? For Hash: Hash is compressed cannabis resin. Since it is compressed it is very important to grind it up as finely as possible. You can use […]

5 Tips to get more out of your Volcano Vaporizer

Heres some more Volcano Vaporizer Tips and Tricks for you guys to get the most out of it. If you use these techniques you will use LESS herb and in effect save money. Clean your Volcano: At least once a month, change the bags and clean the Volcano Vaporizer Parts. Nothing beats using a fresh […]

Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

I have been a daily user of the Classic Volcano Vaporizer for years now and this marvelous piece of technology has brought nothing but joy into my life. However recently i had some cash lying around and decided to make the move to the Digital Volcano Vaporizer. So while i already talked about the pros […]

User reviews and testimonials

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Over the years many of my readers have sent me reviews and testimonials about their experience with the Volcano Vaporizer. Today i want to share some of these testimonials with you, to show you what kind of impact the Volcano Vaporizer made on peoples lives. If you want to talk about your own experiences with […]

How To Change bags on the Volcano Easy Valve

One of the main arguments in the everlasting question of Solid Valve vs. Easy Valve is the difference in price. The Solid Valve is way cheaper since you don’t have to keep buying new units, unlike the Easy Valve. But as demonstrated in the video below you CAN actually change the bags on the Easy […]

Volcano Vaporizer Bags for cheap!

This post goes out specifically to people like me, who use the Solid Valve and have to change the Volcano Vaporizer Bags regularly. Usually the way to go if you run out is to buy replacements bag from Storz & Bickel, which are specifically designed for the Volcano Vaporizer. But i found out that you […]