5 Tips to get more out of your Volcano Vaporizer

Heres some more Volcano Vaporizer Tips and Tricks for you guys to get the most out of it. If you use these techniques you will use LESS herb and in effect save money.

Clean your Volcano:

At least once a month, change the bags and clean the Volcano Vaporizer Parts. Nothing beats using a fresh and clean Volcano Vaporizer

Grind your herb:

The herb you use should be as dry and finely ground as possible to get the most out of it. This way you get a bigger surface area which will lead to more vapor. Moist herb wont vape as well as dry herb.

Buy finer screens:

Consider buying the finer Volcano Vaporizer screens. You can grind your herb finer which leads to a bigger surface area and better vapor. With bigger screens you cannot grind as finely as the herb will fall through the screen.

Crank it up:

Start with a low temperature then slowly crank it up as you fill more balloons. You will get more vapor out of the same amount of material this way.

Keep grinding:

Between filling the balloons, re-grind your herb to get even more out of it. This way you will squeeze even the last bit of aromatic oils out of your herb.
Also consider buying a Grinder with a built in screen (like the one from Instapark in the top left corner). These will collect kief over time in a seperate chamber. If you get enough you can add it to your vaporizer bowls for an extra kick. Watch out tho that stuff is STRONG!

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