Volcano Vaporizer Review

Digital Volcano VaporizerThe Volcano Vaporizer is without a doubt the Rolls Royce of Vaporizers, leaving the competition far behind. Produced by Storz & Bickel, a German company known for their high quality engineering and top-craftsmanship, the Volcano Vaporizer has been dominating the Vaporizer market for years now.

Storz & Bickel who are innovators on the Vaporizer market have been improving the Volcano Vaporizer constantly since its first release in the year 2000. Unfortunately all this research and quality comes at a price, the Volcano Vaporizer is not only the best but also the most expensive Vaporizer you can buy today.

The high price is totally worth it though, not only is the Volcano Vaporizer the highest quality vaporizer available on the market today, you will also save money using it in the long run because you need less medicine. Also your lungs will thank you for vaporizing instead of smoking.

If you decide to buy the Volcano Vaporizer you have the choice between several different models. The first choice you have to make is between the classic and digital model.

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer lets you set the heat using a 1-10 scale, this model is completely mechanic. The Digital Volcano Vaporizer on the other hand has an electronic display and lets you choose the exact temperature. This brings you a higher temperature accuracy then the Classic Model but it is also 130$USD more expensive.

Personally i have been using the Volcano Classic for over 3 years but have recently switched to the Digital Volcano Vaporizer and am more than happy with the move. I will soon write another post with my new experiences with the Digital Volcano Vaporizer.

After you decided on which kind of model you want you have to choose between two available Valve systems, the Solid Valve and Easy Valve. You can check my article for more indepth information, but in short the Easy Valve is a bit cheaper and has to be replaced from time to time, while the Classic Valve is a bit more expensive but can last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

If you decided on your model and valve system the actual using of the Volcano Vaporizer is a breeze. Just plug it in, set the temperature you want and let it heat up. The heating process takes a couple of minutes, after that you simply put your medicine into the Valve chamber and at the press of a button the Volcano bag will start filling up with vapor.

The Valve system is designed in a way that it closes itself when its not used so no vapor gets wasted and you can easily pass around the Volcano Bag with your friends. Its the small details like this that let you know that really a lot of thought went into designing the Volcano Vaporizer!

Without a doubt the best and most popular feature of the Volcano Vaporizer is its effectiveness. Since vaporizing is much more effective than smoking you will actually use less medicine. My personal use has gone down by about 50% since i started using exclusively my Volcano Vaporizer.

So while the high price of the Volcano Vaporizer is quite an investment and can seem scary at first, in the long run you will actually save money because you use less.

There is also other, cheaper Vaporizer models available on the market nowadays. But these are not as high quality as the Volcano Vaporizer and will not be as effective. I’ve tried alot of different models and with some you will struggle to get high at all. This is certainly not a problem with the Volcano Vaporizer, which will blast you to the moon if you desire so.

Apart from the high price the only downside i personally see in the Volcano Vaporizer is that it has no water-cooling. This is not a huge problem as the vapor is already pretty smooth by itself, but personally i really like to run my vapor through water for that extra smoothness. This can easily be achieved though, simply check out my post on custom watercooling.

If you decide on purchasing a Volcano Vaporizer you don’t have to worry about misspending your money because Storz & Bickel provide a three year warranty for all their vaporizers and their customer service is top notch.

Below is a list of the best prices on Volcano Vaporizers available, and where to buy them.

Digital Volcano Vaporizer with Solid Valve – $669,00 at GotVape (Free Shipping)
Digital Volcano Vaporizer with Easy Valve – $669,00 at GotVape (Free Shipping)

Volcano Classic with Solid Valve – $539,00 at GotVape (Free Shipping)
Volcano Classic with Easy Valve – $539,00 at GotVape (Free Shipping)

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